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World Environment Day 2021: How To Get Involved In Ecosystem Restoration

With World Environment Day on June 5th, it’s time to work together for #GenerationRestoration. You can support people during their work on ecosystem restoration whether you’re a business or an individual in many ways, and you’re in the right place if you’d like to learn some active ways to get involved in ecosystem restoration.

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world environment day 2021

Come together with #GenerationRestoration

Why not include your social media followers in your support and commitment for restoration using the #GenerationRestoration hashtag? You’ll get to see the wonderful community and work everyone is doing. Take it one step further by organising a concert, a campaign, a flash mob, or by painting a mural. But don’t forget to share it with us all via #GenerationRestoration. Not only will this start online discussions about restoration, but it will also keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Include your circles too!

Who said you should do this alone? Get your colleagues, family and friends involved too! All you need to do is encourage discussion about ecosystems (which, once started, will never stop!).

Use your voice

Don’t be shy to take part in public forums – everyone wants to hear your unique voice! Express your concerns and ideas about improving the local environment through online platforms and in debates.

Become a member of UP

Work to prevent environmental degradation by becoming a member of an organisation or political movement. The best place to find such initiatives is via the UN Decade’s website. Don’t forget to keep your followers up to date on social media using the #GenerationRestoration or by wearing the printed T-shirt. You’ll find it easier to hold your leaders to account this way – what has your local government done and what should they do for ecosystem restoration?

Why not go green?

Purchase from companies that make recyclable products, and who have reduced packaging and plastic use. Not only will buying from local suppliers reduce the impact of transportation, but it will also help local farmers. The benefits of this will be reflected in your diet – by eating less meat and dairy, you’ll reduce the amount of waste entering the environment. If you’re struggling to put together meals to eat, then we recommend you use a creative calendar to decide what to eat and when!

Fund restoration (as much as you can)

Donate to local community fundraising projects and campaigns – however much you can! Do remember to check that the community group or organisation is reputable and has a track record of using their money on restoration before donating (such as creating jobs, supporting tree survival, etc).

Devices like the ZOLEO satellite communicator can support you during your work on ecosystem restoration. It’s an incredible way to stay connected with people when you’re working on projects beyond mobile coverage, such as on boats, in rural areas or when travelling globally.

Let’s all raise our voices for #GenerationRestoration together! 

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