How to Stay Connected During Your Australian Expedition

Expedition in Australia

Australia is one of the best and most popular countries in the world for undertaking life-changing journeys. From young backpackers to so-called grey nomads (retired Australians looking for adventure), all sorts of people embark on expeditions every year to enjoy the nation’s diverse landscapes and unusual wildlife. Whether you’re planning a trip to Cape York […]

Top 5 Activities You Can Only Do In New Zealand

Waitomo Cave New Zealand

There’s something to be said for exploring your own backyard, especially when that backyard is the picturesque Aotearoa. New Zealand is a wonderful country that is filled with some amazing things to do and see. Many of the activities that we are blessed with are truly unique to New Zealand and should be experienced at […]

New Zealand’s Best Travel Destinations Revealed

bay of islands - new zealand travel

For many travellers, New Zealand is a dream destination to travel to. It’s far away, full of pristine natural habitats and has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It’s also an incredible destination to take some time exploring as a local. Packed full of breathtaking mountains, lush rainforests, islands, rivers and coves, […]