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Australia is one of the best and most popular countries in the world for undertaking life-changing journeys. From young backpackers to so-called grey nomads (retired Australians looking for adventure), all sorts of people embark on expeditions every year to enjoy the nation’s diverse landscapes and unusual wildlife. Whether you’re planning a trip to Cape York in gorgeous Queensland or driving from Darwin to Adelaide, you’re sure to make valuable new memories you’ll treasure forever.However, trekking through Australia is no walk in the park. If you’re planning to go off-road, you’ll need a 4×4 packed full of essentials such as spare drinking water, calorie-rich foods, a spare tyre, medical equipment, blankets, waterproof hiking gear, and much more. You’ll also need to invest in camping gear and learn a few simple survival tricks to prevent injuries or accidents on your trip.Making advance preparations is particularly important in Australia due to the country’s poor mobile coverage in rural areas. If you’re wondering how to stay in contact with important services and loved ones during your trip, we’ve collated some useful information below.
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Expedition in Australia

How much of Australia is covered by mobile phone service?

Mobile phone coverage is only available to about 20% of Australia’s landmass. As such, it can be difficult for intrepid adventurers to stay in touch with loved ones or emergency services while travelling through remote areas. This could prove dangerous in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

What could go wrong?

Although most travellers are able to explore Australia without any issues, a range of unfortunate occurrences could take place, such as vehicle breakdowns, injuries, allergic reactions, and other types of health issues. Grey nomads are particularly vulnerable to health emergencies, even if they’re very fit and healthy for their age.

Why you need the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator on your trip

Fortunately, it is possible to stay in touch with the outside world during your trip, even in areas without mobile reception. The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator is a nifty gadget designed to extend the messaging coverage of your smartphone to everywhere on Earth! ZOLEO works as a standalone safety device or when paired with your smartphone enables easy access to messaging, text email, weather and SOS.With an IP68 waterproof enclosure the ZOLEO features an SOS alert button and a rechargeable battery, this compact and easy to use device is a must-have for anyone travelling through Australia’s beautiful rural landscape. Don’t find yourself up the creek without a paddle! A ZOLEO device could end up saving your life.

Where can I find a ZOLEO Satellite Communicator?

You can purchase our communicators from the following parties:

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