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Best Outback Events In Australia: Music, Film, Arts & Culture

Looking to fill the rest of your year with exciting events to put the vigour back into your life? Luckily for you, there’s never a dry spell in Australia when it comes to entertainment (apart from during a pandemic…).

We’ve compiled a list of vibrant events taking place in the outback this year. No matter your taste and preferences, there’s sure to be something for you. Enjoy a well-deserved chance to kick back with friends and family in the gorgeous Aussie outback. So, get your phones out and take note!

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festival australian outback

Multicultural Festival 2021 | 12 Jun 3-8pm

Goldfields Arts Centre, Kalgoorlie - Boulder | Arts & Culture

Soak up the beauty of all cultures from around the world at Kalgoorlie city’s biggest cultural celebration. The Multicultural Festival 2021 is a wonderful environment for friends and family to unite and roam Goldfields Arts Centre, but not as you know it.

Allow your senses to be captivated by exotic aromas, invigorated by music and let yourself go as you dance in the spirit of other cultures. There’s plenty of delicious cuisines to dig into here and stalls to browse in a day to appreciate other civilisations.

Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival | 26 Jun - 3 July

Winton, Winton Area, Queensland | Film

Move out the way California, there’s a new Hollywood on the scene. At least, that’s how Winton is more frequently being perceived by the Aussies! Enjoy a 9-day fiesta of dazzling films, under the Milkyway in Queensland’s outback.

Inspired by the Sundance Film Festival, attendees of Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival can delve into some of the finest that the film industry has to offer this year. If you’re craving a culture fix, then these viewings of locally shot films will be the hit you’re searching for.

Oasis Afternoons | from 3 July

Cecil Street, Windorah, Barcoo Area, Queensland | Music

It’s as dreamy as the name sounds with Oasis Afternoons. Based in the heart of Channel Country, attendees can relax in a calming rural setting as they listen to some of the most enigmatic acoustic music the outback has to offer.

Prepare to be mesmerised over these two afternoons filled with roots, blues and acoustics from a selection of genre-defying artists.

Outback Festival | 21 - 15 September

Winton, Winton Area, Queensland | Arts & Culture

Experience the Aussie outback in its most authentic form at the Outback Festival 2021. Brimming full of brilliant activities, this event is perfect for families. Not only does it fall on the holidays, but the Australian Dunny Derby, outback sports and appropriately themed workshops will entertain people of all ages.

Enjoy some body-moving entertainment, or perhaps attend the Alice in Wonderland TeddyBear Picnic. If none of this fits your fancy so far, you can even whizz off into the sunset on the Outback Century Cycle. What’s not to like?

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