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Australia’s half-price flights: Best Destinations for Adventurers

Bargain Australian adventures

If you’re looking to travel domestically in Australia, the government has recently announced around 800,000 half price flights to 18 locations across the country. The ‘Tourism Aviation Network Support Program’ has been designed to provide support for the air industry, as well as several popular and remote tourist locations across Australia while international borders remain closed. These flights have been designed to get Australians exploring their own country, with its dramatic landscapes, world heritage sites and breathtaking adventures. This is the perfect opportunity to travel across Australia and enjoy some of the country’s lesser-known gems. The tickets went on sale on April 1, and you can fly with various airlines such as Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia.

Where can you travel to and from?

There are a variety of travel options available under the $1.2 billion support package, with some incredible locations to explore. Sydney has the most options available for outbound travellers, including discounted trips to Cairns, Hamilton Island, Avalon, Launceston and more. From Melbourne, you can fly to a number of locations such as Alice Springs, Devenport and Merimbula. Discounted flights are also taking off from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth and Avalon.

Full list of departure cities and destinations:

Departure city Destination
Sydney Gold Coast (QLD), Cairns (QLD), Proserpine (QLD), Hamilton Island (QLD), Maroochydore (QLD), Alice Springs (NT), Uluru (NT), Launceston (TAS), Broome (WA), Avalon (VIC)
Melbourne Gold Coast (QLD), Cairns (QLD), Maroochydore (QLD), Alice Springs (NT), Uluru (NT), Launceston (TAS), Devonport (TAS), Burnie (TAS), Broome (WA), Merimbula (NSW)
Adelaide Gold Coast (QLD), Maroochydore (QLD), Alice Springs (NT), Kingscote (SA)
Brisbane Alice Springs (NT), Uluru (NT), Launceston (TAS)
Canberra Gold Coast (QLD)
Gold Coast Avalon (VIC)
Darwin Cairns (QLD), Broome (WA)
Perth Alice Springs (NT)
Avalon Gold Coast (QLD)

It’s important to remember that these plans could change based on new restrictions, but it’s a fabulous opportunity to explore our stunning and varied country.

Best adventure destinations

For amazing nature and wildlife, you can fly half price to Cairns in beautiful North Queensland, dive at the Great Barrier Reef and explore Cape Tribulation. There are over 70 large national parks for adventurers to hike & camp in and observe unique wildlife, with a gorgeous tropical climate. You can also fly into Australia’s ‘red centre’, the quaint country town of Alice Springs, with its beautiful Desert park and enjoy a number of walking trails through desert rivers, woodlands and sand. Visit the iconic site of Uluru to appreciate the nation’s sacred history and fly directly from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

uluru australia - half-price flight destination

Unique Australian experiences

There are so many incredible destinations to discover in Australia, from the rural outback to stunning mountain ranges and the deep blue ocean. Tropical Broome is a rich and vibrant town near the Indian Ocean with stunning empty beaches, over 2000km away from the hustle and bustle of the nearest capital city. Take a trip to the Sunshine Coast for beautiful beaches or sail the Whitsundays and enjoy some time off in the island paradise of Hamilton Island. You can also fly to four different Tasmanian airports on a half-price ticket and explore the beautiful, rural landscape with fine wine and incredible hospitality.

How to stay connected during your trip

Some of these locations are more remote than the standard holiday destination and might be outside of mobile coverage or only have poor reception, especially if you venture further away from cities and towns. If you want to stay connected with your family and friends or you need to be reachable for business purposes, you can rely on the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator at all times. This small and handy device enables you to send and receive e-mails and messages via the Iridium global satellite network if you’re outside of mobile coverage.

Whether you’re camping in the outback, sailing to the Outer Great Barrier Reef or taking a road trip in Western Australia, the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator provides seamless 2-way messaging via satellite, mobile network and Wi-Fi, so you’re always connected and safe no matter where your next adventure takes you on your half-price ticket.

Find out more about ZOLEO, the Satellite Communicator, its features and the app.

zoleo satellite communicator australia
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