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8 Father’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, 5 September, it’s time to think about how to surprise him and think outside the box this year. Avoid the clichéd gifts of socks and beer and get your dad something that he’ll really be excited to use. If your dad loves the outdoors, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get him something to add to his outdoor adventure kit. We’ve compiled some of the best gifts for outdoorsy dads, so that you can show your dad you love him, and you know him well by getting him something that’s both practical and thrilling. Here are our top 8 gifts for outdoorsy dads this Father’s Day.
outdoorsy dad hiking
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Around $250

If your dad ever dragged you camping as a kid, upgrade his camping kit with this ultra-lightweight sleeping bag from Marmot. This bag will keep your Dad warm in temperatures as low as -5°C, and it’s one of the best lightweight sleeping bags available on the market today.

Around $345

The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator is THE device for dads who like to travel to remote areas within Australia, to camp, hike or get out there with their 4×4. A huge part of Australia, especially in rural and remote areas, actually doesn’t have mobile coverage which means your dad can’t contact you in case of an emergency or to simply send a text.  As one of the most useful items on this list, the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator enables communication via text, email, and app-to-app messaging by connecting with a global satellite network.

This is a safety must-have for dads who like to explore off the beaten track, as well as dads who fancy themselves as a bit of a gadget geek. It’s the latest tech, which makes it a little pricier than some of the other items on this list, however compared to usual satellite phones, it’s really well-priced.

Around $22-$45 depending on capacity

If your dad is into fishing, he’ll know that the Platypus Pretest Mono Line is the line to use for competitions and record-breaking catches. It’s not cheap, but it has won over 500 IGFA world records. This fishing line is something that all fishing aficionados will appreciate – so we think it’s worth pushing the boat out for (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Around $200

If you’re looking for a great gift for dads who love the outdoors – whether that’s walking, hiking, fishing, camping, or anything else where a backpack of essentials is needed – a high-quality rucksack is a great choice. The North Face Borealis rucksack boasts a FlexVent™ suspension system so that no matter how heavy the bag is, your dad can carry it without backache and soreness. It’s also not half-bad to look at.

Around $50

A good compass is useful for anyone who feels at home in the outdoors, but it’s especially crucial for walkers and hikers. Suunto is one of the most trusted compass brands in Australia, and the Suunto A-30 is robust, reliable and built for the Australian outback. It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s accurate enough for amateur hikers and it’s equipped with a luminous bezel for greater clarity when light is low, making it a great choice for successful navigation on a budget.

Around $25

Whether your dad has actually managed to get his bike out this year or not, this book is equally good for keen amateur cyclists and daydreamers who need the extra bush to dust off the mountain bike and get out there. Featuring trails from close to home and across the globe, this book makes entertaining bedtime reading for anyone with a sense of adventure, and it might even inspire your dads next great bike ride.

Around $40

Ideal for campers and BBQ fans, this 20-piece BBQ toolset includes steak knives and forks, a chopping board, a bottle opener, and everything else needed to cook the best campfire steak (and open a bottle of beer). It’s packed in a handy box, making it easy to carry around (and not too hard to wrap, either).

Around $100

Fins are added to the back of a surfboard to improve control, speed, and thrust. Even if you don’t know how to install them, your dad will if he’s used to the waves. Your local surf shops or online shops like Surf Nation stock surfboard fins in a wide range of sizes and specs. Buy your Dad a new set of high-quality surfing fins to show him you love him this Father’s Day.

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