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7 Apps You Need On Your Next Australian Road Trip

As Australians, we have a desire to travel to wide-open spaces, and while the pandemic has altered our overseas travel plans, for now, a trip on the open road has become more popular than ever before.

In a survey by Tourism Australia, 55 per cent of Australian travellers were said to have intentions of taking an interstate road trip in the next 12 months, of which 27 per cent would now choose to travel by road that otherwise wouldn’t have, due to COVID-19.

Rural Australia has had a resurgence of travel, with Booking.com’s latest figures proving the lesser-travelled rural Australian towns are finally getting a whole lot of love. Queensland’s inland town of Stanthorpe took out the top spot as Australia’s most booked rural town the past year, while Western Australia was the most represented with four northern coastal towns (Carnarvon, Kalbarri, Exmouth, and Geraldton) making it onto the list.

From finding ways out of traffic jams to finding a public toilet, accommodation stops along the way and most importantly, staying connected on the grid, these are the best apps you need now for your next adventure on the road.

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road trip in australian outback

1. Roadtrippers

This app has been designed specifically for the road tripper enthusiast. It allows you to add up to 150 stops and plan your journey ahead of time. It has built-in trip guides, and you can see where other people have stopped on their trips to get a good idea. Discover local food stops, national parks and hotels quickly, and it has clear maps with lots of inspiration on planning your trip.

2. MotorMouth

Petrol is one of the most significant expenses you’ll have on your road trip and knowing where to save at the pump can be worth hundreds of dollars in your back pocket. The app will give you the best deals close to where you are, and it will report updated prices from over 4500 service stations daily. As an extra incentive, MotorMouth users can be rewarded with credits within the app.

3. Wikicamps Australia

Camping is quite simply booming in Australia right now, and this is the app you need so you know where all the best campsites, caravan parks and backpacker hostels are for your destination. The app can work offline if you’re in remote locations, and it has a feature to allow you to download the maps and content in advance if you’re out of range. It also has handy camping checklists and packing tips.

4. HotelTonight

While most people know Airbnb for booking accommodation ahead of time, you sometimes haven’t anticipated stopping overnight. If you’ve had enough of driving for the day or you’re getting sleepy, the best thing to do is rest for the night and check in somewhere for a nights’ sleep. It’s also handy if you’ve driven to a new town and love it so much you want to spend an extra day. It brings you deals for the night and the next day at short notice and can help with last-minute bookings or up to 100 days in advance.

5. Spotify

Everyone loves a good playlist in the car, and Spotify is the most popular for long trips. You can cue up curated playlists and listen to podcasts while you cruise the road. If you pay for the premium version, you won’t get ads and can download the playlists.

6. First Aid Australian Red Cross

Developed for the Australian market by the International Federation of Red Cross, this app features all the latest CPR and First Aid guidelines as set out by the Australian Resuscitation Council.

The app is simple, interactive and gives advice for all kinds of emergencies such as what to do in situations with bleeding, allergies, burns, broken bones, choking, asthma attacks, basic life support and much more. It’s simple, easy to read, and you could save a life.


Even if your friends and family don’t own a ZOLEO device, they can download the app so they can stay connected with you while you’re out of mobile coverage on your road trip. The app is free, and you’ll be able to exchange messages up to 950 characters, and you’ll get their messages even when your device is off. The ZOLEO device will allow you to share your GPS coordinates, text your family your location and check the forecast weather.

The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator is one of the latest breakthroughs in communication, providing seamless 2-way messaging via satellite, mobile network and WiFi, so you’re always connected and safe no matter where your next adventure or rural road trip takes you.

apps for road trips in australia
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