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5 Best Business Travel Accessories

Does your job require you to travel within Australia or internationally on a regular basis? Whether you’re a tradie, contractor, sales representative, or business executive of a global firm, travelling by car or plane can be a big part of your professional life.

If you are a seasoned business traveller, you know that the right accessories can make those work trips go that much more smoothly. You might wonder how you ever lived without them!

But what are the best business travel accessories of this year? Look no further! Here are five must-have business travel accessories that will make your life easier.

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Travel keyboard

If you work primarily from a tablet when you travel, then you will know that tapping away with a stylus can feel like a little bit of a headache! Pick up a fold away keyboard to save space and energy for those trips that don’t require a large laptop but do require some notes to be taken.

Power banks

Have you ever been in a business meeting and your phone has run out of battery? You know how awkward it can be not to fall back on the vital information you need. Make sure that never happens by carrying a high-capacity power bank. There won’t be any need to be scrambling to charge your phone or tablet when you know you have this as a handy backup – so if you end up without a charging point for long, you’re fully covered.

ZOLEO satellite communicator

Do you often find yourself travelling to regional or rural areas of Australia or other countries? Then you will know the pain of desperately looking for a spot with mobile coverage only to find that reception is very poor or non-existent.

If that sounds like you, then the ZOLEO satellite communicator is going to be your new best friend. The device comes with a free app that can help business travellers remain connected by sending and receiving texts, emails and app-to-app messages via the Iridium global satellite network – anywhere in Australia and anywhere in the world. If you’re travelling in and out of areas with mobile coverage, it will seamlessly connect to a mobile network or Wi-Fi on availability. The device and app also come with various features such as an SOS button, GPS tracking, weather forecasts and more.

ZOLEO satellite communicator device on windscreen
ZOLEO satellite communicator device on windscreen

Durable luggage and briefcase

Travelling from one part of Australia to another, you never know what the weather might be like! Ensure that all your essentials are kept safe and dry by choosing both a sturdy travel suitcase and a briefcase that is waterproof and secure. This is especially important for your briefcase, which may contain important documents, technology, and everything else you might need on the job. Opt for one with plenty of pockets for optimal organisation.

Ergonomic travel pillow

We know this might sound obvious, but you’re probably exhausted if you are new to business travel! Regular travellers know how important it is to make the most of every moment, and that means grabbing some valuable sleep on flights. If you want to avoid waking up with an aching neck, an ergonomic travel pillow will fit in your carry-on luggage and ensure that you get higher quality sleep on your way to those essential destinations.

These accessories can help with productivity, accessibility, safety and comfort during your business travels and might really make a difference for you and your business.

For more information on travel essentials that will ensure your business trips in Australia stay well connected, check out our satellite communicator, accessories and business solutions at ZOLEO today.

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